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Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to get more smoke from Traeger grill. If you’re a BBQ enthusiast, you understand that achieving that distinct smoky flavor in your meat goes beyond just the ordinary grilling. It’s about leveraging your smoking machine’s features to enhance the taste and overall cooking experience. So, let’s delve right into understanding the power of your pellet grill.

Understanding the Traeger Grill

Explanation of how Traeger grills work

Traeger grills, known for their precision fan control and digital temperature control, are pellet smokers that use hardwood logs turned into small pellets. The wood pellets are loaded into the hopper, then fed into the burn chamber by an auger. Here, the electric grill’s hot rod ignites the pellets, creating the smoke you use for cooking.

The concept of “blue smoke” and its importance in smoking

The perfect smoke for smoking meat is not the heavy smoke you might be visualizing, but the ‘blue smoke.’ It’s thin, blue (or clear) smoke, which indicates an efficient burn. It’s this blue smoke that imparts the best flavor on your meat, creating a desirable smoke ring.

Why Your Traeger Might Not Be Producing Enough Smoke

There are several reasons why your Traeger grills might not produce enough smoke. Factors like cooking temperature, type of wood pellets used, grill maintenance, and even the weather can impact the amount of smoke your Traeger grill produces.

How to Get More Smoke from Traeger

Lower and Slower Cooking

Lower temperatures and longer cooking times can increase smoke production. The ‘low and slow’ approach, keeping the grill at around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, helps produce additional smoke. This indirect heat method requires patience, but the reward is a tastier, smoked chicken, smoked ribs, or smoked brisket.

Tips to maintain moisture in the meat during longer cooking times include using a water pan filled with water, apple juice, or beer. The steam generated helps keep your meat juicy while adding a touch of flavor.

Changing Your Wood Pellets

The type of wood pellets you use can impact the smoke production of your grill. Hickory pellets and oak pellets, for instance, are known to produce a heavier smoke than other types. Experiment with changing out the fuel to find what works best for you.

Using a Smoker Tube

A smoker tube is a stainless steel contraption that you fill with wood pellets. This additional smoke source is perfect for cold smoking or when you want more smoke without increasing the heat.

Using the Super Smoke Setting

Certain Traeger models come with a Super Smoke setting that increases smoke production at lower temperatures. If your model lacks this feature, you can mimic the effect by manually adjusting your temperature control to remain in the ‘low and slow’ range.

Additional Tips for More Smoke Flavor

Beyond the aforementioned strategies, here are a few more tips on how to get more smoke from Traeger grill.

Avoid frequently opening the grill hood as it allows smoke and heat to escape. Choose stronger smoking woods for more flavor. Regularly clean the area around the hot rod to ensure efficient burning. Lastly, use a water pan for longer smokes to maintain moisture.


Unlocking the secret of how to get more smoke from Traeger isn’t an arcane skill. It involves understanding your grill, manipulating temperature and cooking time, utilizing the right wood pellets, and employing additional tools like the smoker tube. Implement these tips and your smoked meals will reach new heights of flavor.


Why isn’t my Traeger grill producing enough smoke?

Several factors can affect smoke production, including cooking temperature, type of wood pellets, and grill maintenance.

How can I get more smoke from my Traeger grill?

To produce more smoke, lower your cooking temperature, cook for longer periods, change your wood pellets, use a smoker tube, or adjust your smoke setting.

Which wood pellets produce more smoke?

Heavier woods like hickory and oak tend to produce more smoke than lighter woods.

What is a smoker tube and how does it work?

A smoker tube is a stainless steel tube filled with wood pellets. When lit, it produces additional smoke without increasing the grill’s heat.

Does opening the grill hood affect smoke production?

Yes, frequently opening the grill hood lets out smoke and heat, affecting the cooking process and reducing the smoky flavor in your food.

What is the ‘Super Smoke’ setting on a Traeger grill?

The ‘Super Smoke’ setting increases smoke production at lower temperatures. If your model lacks this feature, you can mimic the effect by maintaining a low temperature.

Why doesn’t my Traeger smoke more?

Your Traeger may not be producing enough smoke due to a high cooking temperature, inappropriate wood pellets, or maintenance issues such as an unclean hot rod or grill interior.

How do I get the best smoke from my Traeger grill?

Optimize your Traeger’s smoke by using a ‘low and slow’ cooking method, choosing high smoke producing pellets like hickory or oak, using a smoker tube, and making use of the Super Smoke setting if available.

How do I get more smoke from my smoker?

To get more smoke from your smoker, lower the cooking temperature, extend the cooking time, choose heavier wood pellets, clean the area around the hot rod frequently, and consider using a smoker tube for additional smoke.

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